There is an unofficial saying, โ€œThe party always ends up in the kitchen,โ€ and itโ€™s easy to see why. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the center of gravity for most gatherings.

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In 2015, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) calculated that kitchens account for 79% of all home remodeling projects, second only to the bathroom.  

Kitchens have certainly evolved over the decades. It was only a short thirty years ago when an โ€˜open floorplanโ€™ simply meant โ€˜without doorsโ€™. Fast forward to today, and architectural trends have taken it a step further to design living spaces without interior walls. It is not unusual to see the living room flow into the kitchen and even include a sizeable dining area. In fact, it is preferred that the kitchen be open to the living room and entertainment areas. 

Modern cooks and home chefs prefer to be part of the action and not cut off from their guests or family. Open floorplan living is quite common nowadays and that free-flowing and seamless concept has grown to include appliance design as well. 

Kitchen appliances have been modernized to offer integrated design elements. Appliances arenโ€™t just a black and white affair any longer. Now you can choose from a host of vibrant colors, finishes, metals, and design features to create one cohesive living space. 

One of the most central themes of any functional kitchen is the oven. An oven is an essential appliance, especially during the holidays or when youโ€™re hosting large parties. If you happen to be remodeling your kitchen or are starting from scratch on a new construction home, you should give some thought to installing a built-in oven. 

Benefits of Built-In Ovens 

Installing built-in ovens, sometimes referred to as wall ovens, is an ideal way to accomplish a truly streamlined look. When diving into the land of integrated appliances, it is important to do your homework before purchasing. What are some of the benefits of buying a built-in oven and what brand is considered the best of the best?

1. Easy Access

This is an obvious bonus. Built-in ovens are designed with ergonomics in mind. No more bending down to check on the food, or precariously trying to slide hot-and- heavy dishes out of the oven. Wall ovens are installed at eye-level to offer chefs optimal convenience while in the kitchen. 

2. Seamless Design

Aside from the lower lumbar relief wall ovens offer home cooks, the built-in design is a huge selling point for those remodeling a kitchen or constructing a new one. Built-in ovens are sleek, sexy and look downright futuristic. Wolf has cornered the market when it comes to built-in ovens. They have masterfully married world-class design with high-tech features to create some of the most stunning built-in ovens in the industry. 

3. Cooking Capacity

Wolf offers a series of double built-in ovens. This deluxe setup is a dream for chefs and families that love spending time in the kitchen. Now you have the use of two full-sized ovens with twice the capacity. Homeowners also have the option of pairing their full-size built-in oven with a smaller half-oven to afford you extra space without taking up an entire wall in your kitchen.  

4. Versatility

Wall ovens allow chefs to spread out their appliances to create better flow in the kitchen. If you have a traditional stove that pairs both oven and cooktop together, then that space becomes the central location to cook all meals. By splitting them up, you divide prep areas and eliminate overcrowding in the kitchen. You also have the luxury of mixing fuel sources. If you are a chef that loves cooking with gas burners, but you also enjoy the even heating of an electric or convection oven, you typically would be forced to buy a dual-fuel range. Not the case when you switch to a built-in oven. By dividing the cooktop and the oven you get the best of both worlds. 

 Wolf Built-In Ovens 

Wolf has really gone above and beyond when designing their extensive line of built-in ovens. Not only do they offer double built-in convection style ovens, but they have included features like steam cooking in some of the models as well. This innovation just adds to the already superior cooking environment. Cooking with steam has endless benefits depending on the dish. With this particular built-in oven, you can exclusively choose the steam setting, or switch to convection only, or select a combination of the two styles. 

These built-in ovens are masterfully crafted with dual fan technology to circulate hot air in conjunction with the superior heating elements to cook food evenly, enhancing the flavors in each dish. 

Wolf built-in ovens are installed directly into the cabinetry to create an awe-inspiring seamless design that not only inspires you to spend more time in your kitchen, but allows you to prepare dishes that taste better and are cooked to perfection. 

Considerations Before Making Your Decision 

There are two tiny considerations to keep in mind. If you are going to install a built-in oven, youโ€™ll need a cooktop. But donโ€™t fret, Wolf has you covered there as well. Whether it be gas, electric, or induction, Wolf has a cooktop to suit your cooking style. 

Each cooktop or rangetop is well-crafted with functionality and performance in mind. Wolf rangetops offer precision temperature control and come tailored for a variety of cooking styles.  

Before finalizing your purchase donโ€™t forget that Wolf offers both standard and flush installation. Depending on which one you choose, this would slightly change the dimensions of the install. Remember to consult a licensed and certified Wolf installation and repair professional. They will be able to better inform you on how to properly integrate it into your existing kitchen. 

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