Coronavirus concerns are keeping us at home more than ever these days. Households are spending time together, and cooking is an essential activity for being self-sufficient. If youโ€™re ready for a new oven or your stove is on the fritz, a Wolf oven range is the best youโ€™ll find. A high-end stove, a Wolf range is distinct in both its look and performance. Here are five reasons you should have one in your kitchen.


1. Durable and Iconic Design

From the signature red knobs and cobalt blue porcelain to stainless steel sides and porcelain cast-iron grates, Wolf stoves are built for durability. The grates have silicon feet to prevent scratching and are arranged so you can slide pots/pans on and off while cooking. The stove burners are controlled individually by the spark ignition system, which eliminates the clicking sound of many gas ranges, and infrared heat reduces preheat time. And, if the flame goes out, the burner automatically reignites.

A trademark feature of a Wolf kitchen appliance is a large oven cavity. You can get a 36โ€ range with 5.5 cubic feet of cooking space. The capacity of a Wolf luxury appliance is ideal for gourmet home cooking.

2. Power and Control

Wolfโ€™s high-end stoves include dual stacked sealed burners. Their power depends on the model. For smaller pots, 9,200 BTU burners are suitable, while 15,000 to 20,000 BTU burners are available. The burners can simmer at as low as 300 BTU. Flame size and heat can be infinitely adjusted to suit home cooks with different needs.

These high-quality products offer complete control every step of the way, right down to the soft motion door that wonโ€™t snap open or closed abruptly. The options also give you more control and performance. They include a charbroil grill with a 16,000 BTU infrared burner designed for even temperature distribution, a thermostatically controlled infrared griddle, and a French top with multiple heat zones and a circular cooking surface.

3. Consistent Temperature

Wolf leads the way in independent temperature controls. Its dual convection oven features dual blowers to circulate heat evenly and a fan motor with an independent temperature sensor for higher quality cooking and baking. This allows the motor to turn on whenever itโ€™s needed to improve temperature distribution. On the cooktop, the upper-tier gas burners maximize heat transfer at high settings while the lower-tier flame allows more precise low-flames for melting and simmering.

4. World Class Customer Service

Although Wolf appliances are designed to last, the company provides 24/7 support. Its professional support team works closely with the factory floor so expert assistance is always a phone call away. A representative can help customers troubleshoot problems and understand how to work an ovenโ€™s advanced features.

5. Three Ranges to Help You Master the Kitchen

Versatile options make Wolf a leading oven manufacturer. Its popular ranges include:

    • Wolf Gas Ranges: Include the 4-burner classic Wolf GR304 gas range and the 36โ€ Wolf GR366 with six burners.
    • Wolf Dual Fuel Ranges: Deliver up to 20,000 BTU per burner, while temperature is displayed directly on the knob. An internal temperature probe, pivoting control panel, and three luxury racks are included.
    • Wolf Induction Ranges: Providing even more heat control, induction units make it easier to broil food. The burners are cool to the touch while pan/pot size is automatically sensed to maximize heating efficiency.

Whether you choose Wolf gas or electric ovens, youโ€™ll benefit from a high-end range that no other brand can match. Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance is proud to offer Wolf products. For information on a new Wolf range or to schedule repairs, request service online or call us today at 800-427-3653.