Shopping for a new washer dryer is a chore. Most likely, you’re looking for an improvement over the model you had, especially if it was a side-by-side unit. Depending on your home, a stacked washer dryer may be the perfect fit; there may even be benefits you didn’t know about. Here are six hidden benefits you can get by investing in a stacked model.

6 Hidden Benefits of a Stacked Washer Dryer

1. Less Space Required

Stacked units are more compact and therefore suited for small spaces. The average size is 74 to 76 inches high x 23 to 28 inches wide x 27 to 32 inches deep.1 It will fit in a tight corner, small closet, or near the entry door to your garage, which frees up space in other heavily traveled and utilized parts of your home.

2. Don’t Require Venting

Since they run on electricity, no vents are needed to remove gas from your home. Just remember that you’ll need a 240-volt outlet to run a stacked washer dryer, and electricity costs more than natural gas. However, there’s no risk of a gas leak or need to maintain gas connections and vents.

3. Efficiency

A front-loaded washer consumes less water so is more energy efficient to operate. This also reduces the risk of leaks. Each washer has an energy sticker so you know exactly how much you can save before you make a purchase. And once you start using an efficient laundry machine, you are likely to save on your monthly energy bill.

4. Easier on Clothes

While the total capacity of a stacked washer dryer is less, the lack of a central agitator means less of a beating on your clothes. In a side-loading machine, clothes are tumbled in a solution of water and detergent. Washes are gentler and more even, so you can even wash delicate garments and linens without risking damage or premature wear.

5. Less Back Strain

The washer is on the bottom and the dryer is above it. You won’t need to bend down as much, which reduces the risk of back strain while you remove clothes from one and put them in another compartment. Shelving or a stand-up folding station can make things even easier.

6. Flexible

You can pretty much put a stackable unit anywhere you want. Most are free standing but you can find modular washer dryers that can be placed side-by-side too if you choose. The manufacturer’s instructions will explain how to stack and unstack the unit with mounting screws and brackets. You therefore have a choice of where to fit the system so it stays out of the way.

Should I Switch to a Stacked Washer Dryer?

It’s a convenient option if you run smaller loads. Clothes get very clean, but the wash cycle isn’t as quick as other types of units; it’s also much gentler than a top-loading machine. Laundry doesn’t come out sopping wet so you may save on drying time as well. Some systems have sensors that switch from washing to drying when clothes are ready. There are many models on the market so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.

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