Modern ovens are made to be reliable, but can develop problems over time. Oven issues should never be ignored. They will only get worse and can lead to dangerous consequences. Plus, you don’t want to end up with a broken oven when cooking a holiday dinner!

It’s usually not hard to notice something isn’t working right. You can avoid more expensive repairs and replacements by acting quickly and calling a repair professional. The following signs mean immediate repairs are needed:

1. Gas or Other Unusual Odors

If you smell rotten eggs and there are no eggs around, there may be a gas leak. Natural gas has no odor of its own. A chemical is added to make detecting a gas leak possible. A newer oven should never emit a gas odor like older ones with pilot lights. Contact the gas company or a repair professional immediately, as continuing to use the oven can result in a fire or explosion.

2. Electrical Glitches

Gas leaks don’t occur in electric ovens, but power issues can create hazards. If the appliance doesn’t turn on or off, the controls don’t respond, or there are power fluctuations, have your oven checked and repaired by a professional. A shorted-out wire, high current, or corrosion can increase the risk of electric shock and injury, not to mention further appliance damage.

3. Overcooked or Undercooked Food

If your food always gets burnt, no matter how you set the temperature, the oven thermostat or other component may be faulty. When food comes out cold or raw, the heating device may be damaged. If you cook the same recipe but the cooking time is way off, the oven should be looked at by an expert, who can check for heating element, fan, or control problems.

4. Longer Preheating

An oven with a faulty temperature sensor probe or other part can take longer to preheat. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for the appliance to heat up and for the preheat timer to go off. If so, then something is wrong and you may need replacement parts.

5. The Door Won’t Stay Shut

A door that doesn’t stay closed likely has damaged or missing hinges. Compared to most oven problems, this one is easy to fix. A repair technician can adjust or replace a door hinge in a few minutes. But you certainly don’t want to use an oven if the door isn’t properly sealed.

6. The Burners Don’t Work

Electric and gas ovens can develop burner problems. Even if you have one burner out, cooking can become difficult. You might notice a burner not turning on right away, is weaker than before, or fails as it reaches peak heating. Contact a repair professional even for sporadic burner problems. There may be a problem with ignition components or the electrical connection.

7. Strange Noises

Ovens are generally quiet appliances. Noises such as buzzing, ticking, or whirling can indicate there is a loose or failing part. Faulty parts under the extreme conditions in an oven can catch fire. Therefore, consult a professional before an odd noise becomes a much more serious problem.

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