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ASKO dishwashers are as efficient at cleaning dishes as conserving energy and water. At Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc., we are proud to be factory-authorized to provide In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty ASKO dishwasher repair. We also provide best-in-class ASKO repairs so you can get the most out of your appliance.

Dishwashers that Preserve the Environment

Each ASKO dishwasher has the ENERGY STAR label. The trusted Scandinavian manufacturer has designed a brand that is renowned for value and convenience. Along with world class efficiency, its products incorporate the Flexiracks™ system, so loading and unloading a dishwasher is made easier, and users benefit from increased capacity. Every product is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory to ensure it meets high expectations in terms of design, function, and durability.

Three Styles that Suit Your Home

The ASKO brand includes

Built-In Dishwashers

Save space with a unit designed to fit your kitchen. Models with Integrated, Pro, and Tubular handle designs are available.

Panel Ready Dishwashers

Blend in with your kitchen’s ambience. Each unit is configured to allow custom door installation.

Outdoor Dishwashers

Feature-packed appliances built to withstand harsh weather conditions. They can even be winterized for the cold season.

Smart Features

ASKO dishwashers have several unique features that set them apart.

Super Cleaning System

The SCS™ removes food particles without pre-rinsing, saving water, energy, and time.

Turbo Drying

Condensation is extracted to completely dry dishes, while a fan-dry system dries the dishwasher’s interior.


Stainless steel baskets, spray arms, tanks, doors, legs, guide rails, and pipes last much longer than plastic.

Washers and Dryers

ASKO’s UltraCare system ensures customers have the right sized washer/dryer. The system ranges from the UltraCare Family to UltraCare XXL size, so any family can take advantage of top-of-the-line washers that clean clothes without causing excessive wear. No rubber seal means each machine can be cleaned less often, doesn’t leak, and there are no residual detergents to deal with.

ASKO tumble dryers offer the unique advantage of sensing when clothing is dry. All one needs to do is select one of 4 auto programs. The dryer will then do all the work until clothing is ready. Heat pump dryers circulate air, so are suited for confined spaces, and dehumidify air, so lower temperatures are used. Gentler on fabrics, this makes the machine more effective and reduces shrinking.

Professional Standards. Home Perfection

ASKO builds domestic laundry appliances to high standards. Features, normally found in professional appliances, include:

SmartSeal™ Technology

The door and drum are directly sealed, so there’s no risk of rubber gaskets trapping dirt and deteriorating.

Quattro™ Pro

A suspension system, consisting of four shock absorbers, eliminates vibration from high-speed induction motors and high spin speeds.

Asko Appliance Repair Specialists in Los Angeles

ASKO appliances are built to last and provide top performance and efficiency, but we are always ready to help customers with ASKO repairs. We use only genuine factory-made parts from the manufacturer. Our technicians are also trained in dishwasher and washer/dryer repair, so they provide service to the highest standards possible. Customers can expect prompt, honest, and respectful service, and the most reliable expertise in appliance repair.

When you need ASKO washer repair or ASKO dishwasher repair, you can depend on Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, Inc. and our trained repair staff for complete ASKO service in Los Angeles. Contact us today for a service call or to request a maintenance inspection.

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