The coronavirus pandemic has left most of us scouring the internet for what to do in certain situations. From food delivery to opening your mail, there are all sorts of theories floating around the web about how to safely conduct ourselves when executing everyday tasks. Appliance repair is no different. How do you safely get your appliances repaired or serviced in this new era of social distancing?

Most appliance repair companies, from large scale operations to family-owned businesses, have implemented strict guidelines that follow the Center for Disease Control recommendations when making service calls. These guidelines include wearing masks, hand washing, and social distancing.

Normally, if your refrigerator or dishwasher breaks, we would simply call an appliance repair technician to come and fix it. While that is still a manageable option, there are definitely some extra steps that need to be taken to safely and effectively repair your appliance.

Ask Yourself, Is It a DIY Project?

Before contacting a certified appliance repair technician, ask yourself if it is an issue that you can repair yourself. If you think it is within your realm of expertise, there are a few things youโ€™ll want to consider before beginning your appliance repair project.

  • Check for Do-It-Yourself Tutorials Online – There is a wealth of very useful tutorials online, especially for appliance repair. Find the make and model of your refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove and look up to see if there are DIY videos available for that specific model and solution you are seeking.
  • There May Be a Delay on Parts – Because of manufacturing and shipping delays due to the pandemic, you may be faced with minimal lag time on specific parts that are needed to complete your appliance repair. Take the time to shop around and see how long fulfillment and shipping will take.
  • Contact a Local Appliance Repair Company – If you have any questions regarding repairs, you should reach out to your local appliance repair company. A lot of appliance repair companies will be eager to help if you simply call them. Explain to them that you are attempting to repair your appliance and would be appreciative if they could give you some tips to safely do it yourself.

If you hit a dead end with any of the aforementioned efforts, maybe it is time to call a professional to come in and fix the appliance themselves. After all, you canโ€™t be expected to go without a working refrigerator for the unforeseeable future.

What to Do When Professional Appliance Repair Is Required

To repair or not to repair, that is the question. If you have finally decided that your appliance needs the expertise of a professional technician, there are some things youโ€™ll want to take into consideration so that both you and the repairperson can feel safe throughout the process.

  • What Precautions Should be Taken Prior to Visit: Ask questions about protective gear like masks, gloves, and sterile coveralls. Find out if they sterilize their tools and parts before their repair visit. Inquire about other safety measures and see if they fall in line with your comfort level.
  • Precautions to Take While the Technician Is in Your Home: Remain 6-feet apart and be sure to wear protective gear like a mask. Require that the technician wears a mask and gloves as well. Make sure to clear a path to the appliance that needs to be serviced so there are no additional things for them to move. If your refrigerator is the appliance that needs to be fixed, think about temporarily clearing some of the food out so they can access different parts of the interior. Close doors to other rooms and ensure that young children and other family members are in another part of the home.
  • Disinfect Area After the Repair Is Complete: After the appliance is fixed and the technician has left, youโ€™ll want to thoroughly disinfect the area and appliance. Being careful not to tarnish or ruin the outside of your refrigerator or stove, use warm soapy water to clean the inside and outside of your appliance. Use a disinfectant on countertops and fixtures to eliminate germs. Throw all towels that you used to clean surfaces in the wash and clean them with detergent and hot water.

Remember, it is absolutely possible to receive efficient and safe appliance repair services, especially in the era of COVID-19. If you take the proper precautions there is no reason why you shouldnโ€™t be able to get your appliances repaired in a timely manner. Weโ€™re all trying to navigate this new way of life together, so while being cautious is paramount, remember to be courteous to your technician as well. After all, they are there to serve you in the best way possible.

Who to Call If Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator Isnโ€™t Working Properly

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Wilshire Refrigeration is abiding by all of the CDC recommendations so that we can continue to provide the high-quality service our clients are used to. We have stepped up our safeguards. All of our Sub-Zero refrigerator repair technicians are fully outfitted in the appropriate preventative gear and are closely monitored for any symptoms of the coronavirus. Wilshire Refrigeration will go above and beyond to ensure that your environment is left unaffected when we come to service your appliances.

Wilshire Refrigeration is the only factory certified service provider for Sub-Zero refrigerators and appliances in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. If you need to get your Sub-Zero serviced, weโ€™re the people to call. 800.427.3653