Sub-Zero refrigerators come in many sizes to fit different types of kitchens. A double-door fridge is a unique option with many benefits. Side-by-side models include the refrigerator section on one side and the freezer section on the other. Is this better than having the freezer on top and the fridge below? Let’s explore the perks of a double Sub-Zero fridge to help you decide.

Reasons You Might Need a Double Fridge

  • Your Need More Organization: This is especially true for families with kids. The double configuration provides more shelf space in the fridge, so you can put snacks and drinks where youngsters can access them. At the same time, you can place items higher up that you don’t want smaller children to reach. Commonly used items can be placed so they’re more accessible, meaning you don’t need to bend or reach high.
  • You Require More Capacity: Some double Sub-Zero fridges have a combined capacity of up to 40 cubic feet. The largest models can easily accommodate families of four or five. Large shelves give you more options to arrange items of various sizes, including larger containers and beverage bottles. It’s also less likely you’ll lose items that become hidden.
  • Frost Is Not a Nuisance: Double-door refrigerators are frost-free and don’t need to be manually defrosted. That’s because there is an automatic fan in the fridge compartment that circulates cold air. In the freezer compartment, there’s an independent heating system that prevents the formation of ice. 
  • There’s Less Room for the Doors to Swing: You don’t necessarily need a large kitchen to install a double-door fridge. Typically, less space is required for doors to swing open because the doors are usually narrower than those of standard models. If the space is small or the kitchen is relatively narrow, a double fridge is a convenient choice.
  • Water and Ice Dispenser: The water and ice dispenser is built into the door on the outside. If getting to water and ice without opening the fridge is appealing, then a double Sub-Zero fridge is for you. You can conserve energy and save time. At the press of a button, you can have a cold glass of water or ice cubes ready when you need them.

Downsides of a Double-Sided Refrigerator

Not everyone needs a double-door refrigerator. It might not be the best choice if you don’t have the budget (it’s more expensive compared to standard units) or desire to spend more on energy bills. You also need room to accommodate the extra width; it might require compromising on counter space unless you find a smaller model.

While larger capacity is a major perk, the way shelves are spaced can make it hard to fit larger items, such as holiday leftovers. Bear in mind how you use your fridge when deciding if a double-sided model will meet your needs. Then there’s the upkeep needed for the water/ice dispenser. It needs a plumbing connection, which means the lines may eventually need repair, while filters must be replaced regularly.

Double-door refrigerators are generally not necessary for small families of two or three people. They’re generally meant for larger households.

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