Sub-Zero Repair Specialists in Southern California & Las Vegas

It is not uncommon to hear some sounds coming from your freezer as part of a normally-operating refrigerator unit. Sometimes, however, you may observe your freezer producing some strange noises.

Certain noises are indicative of abnormal operation, and for this reason, you need the assistance of a professional Sub-Zero freezer repair technician to get it inspected.

Washed Out and Old Compressor

The compressor is a component of a freezer that is normally a bit noisy. But when this noise gets louder than normal, it can indicate a problem with your compressor. If you find that the noise is getting worse with the passage of time, this shows that the compressor has broken down and is likely to fail soon. This is a problem that you should not overlook and must get fixed before you completely lose one of the essential components of your freezer.

The Problematic Evaporator Fan Blade

In the case you use a freeze-free model of a refrigerator; you may observe some strange noises sometimes. This is the evaporator fan blade that is causing the problem. To ensure efficient cooling and to move the cool air through the unit, the evaporated uses a fan. When these fan blades are either worn off or somehow damaged, this may cause your refrigerator to make strange noises.

This fan is usually located at the back of the evaporator cover or air grille and is easily removable. If the evaporator fan blades are causing the problem then you are more likely to undergo a complete replacement. However, before inspecting the freezer to find out the issue, keep your freezer unplugged.

The Troublesome Evaporated Fan Motor

Another major reason for odd noises coming from your freezer may be the problematic evaporator fan motor. This happens when the fan motor, which is used to rotate cool air throughout the appliance, loses lubrication or its bushings are worn off. Even though it is easier to replace the fan motor, anyone who has no basic knowledge of dealing with a refrigerator should not attempt the task.

However, the motor fan is placed behind the evaporator cover and can be replaced easily by unplugging the connector wire and by removing mounting screws.

Inter-Water Valve Clogging

If the inlet water valve is not working properly, this could also be the reason for a noisy freezer. The noise results from the obstruction in the inlet water valve that occurs due to scale and mineral deposit. Again, this is a common problem that is frequently faced by many homeowners. If you find inlet valve to be the source of the problem, get them replaced at the earliest and by hiring professional expertise.

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