Sub-Zero has mastered the art of refrigeration. With flawless functionality and a seamless design, it is easy to see why Sub-Zero refrigerators have held on to a loyal customer base for decades. Unlike other companies, that look to competitors to gauge industry trends, Sub-Zero sets its own benchmarks and standards for design, technical quality, and product dependability. 



Simply put, Sub-Zero sets the bar for built-in refrigerator brands and is the consummate trendsetter that other refrigerator manufacturers look to for design and tech ideas. 

When it comes to product testing, Sub-Zero wins again. Their dedication to reliability and continuity throughout every model is another reason why they remain an industry leader. While most factories test two or three units per manufacturing run, Sub-Zero tests every unit before it is shipped. When you consider the amount of manpower and time that is required to successfully test each unit as it rolls off the line, it is further evidence that Sub-Zero takes quality very seriously.  

Quality and functionality aside, for most consumers the main attraction of Sub-Zero appliances is the design. With a modern, linear appearance, Sub-Zero has catapulted integrated appliance design into the stratosphere. These refrigerator-freezers disappear effortlessly into the surrounding architecture and cabinetry of your kitchen, making them a favorite brand among interior designers.

Itโ€™s clear that Sub-Zero makes a visually captivating product that also functions with the might of a thoroughbred, but when you weigh cost versus value, are Sub-Zero refrigerators worthy of the hefty price tag? 

Why Choose Sub-Zero Refrigerators?

If money isnโ€™t a concern, then opting for a Sub-Zero refrigerator would be a no-brainer. But for the everyday consumer, purchasing a Sub-Zero is a significant investment. Here are some talking points to consider before cashing in your rainy-day fund to buy one.  

  • Less Food Waste – According to CNBC, a family of four typically throws away about $1,500 worth of food each year, and that is probably on the conservative side. Older refrigerators, or those that donโ€™t come equipped with the same bells, whistles and specifications that Sub-Zero does, simply donโ€™t keep food as fresh, thus leading to more waste. 
  • Food Freshness – What actually promotes food freshness is the ability to control temperature fluctuations and humidity levels. Sub-Zeroโ€™s design does an impeccable job of accomplishing this, arguably better than any other brand. Having a properly insulated refrigerator, that also circulates fresh air, contributes to improved food quality and freshness. 
  • Dual Refrigeration Other refrigerators can see temperature swings upwards of 14 degrees. This poses a threat to food quality and how long it can stay fresh in your refrigerator. Sub-Zero offers individual cooling systems for the freezer and refrigerator, which helps maintain temperatures within one degree of the set temperature. 
  • Two Compressor Technology – While it is no longer proprietary, Sub-Zero was the first company to incorporate a two-compressor design feature into their refrigerators. This intuitive feature ensures there is no intermingling of moist refrigerator air and the dry air existing in your freezer, which prevents the smells from your freezer migrating and infiltrating the food in your refrigerator, and vice versa. 
  • Vacuum Seal – Keeping with high-quality everything, Sub-Zero has patented its vacuum seal door system. This ensures all four sides of your unit are sealed tightly at all times when the door is closed, maintaining optimal temperature.  
  • Air Purification – As if Sub-Zero couldnโ€™t outdo themselves, here enters a NASA designed air purification system to really take things to the next level. The same technology that purifies the air inside the space station is what also purifies the air inside your Sub-Zero refrigerator. This purification system essentially scrubs the air and filters out gases like ethylene, bacteria and mold spores. The system also includes a computer-driven circulation system to keep a constant flush of fresh air moving throughout your refrigerator at all times. 
  • Design Flexibility – Sub-Zero continues to innovate its design to incorporate more flexibility in both exterior and interior design features. These built-in refrigerators make seamless design a reality. They offer an infinite number of paneling options so you can customize the look to integrate perfectly with your existing kitchen. 
  • Home Resale Value – When buying a home, no other appliance has more brand recognition than Sub-Zero does. It is not uncommon for real estate agents to showcase Sub-Zero refrigerators as a feature on property listings. This brand screams elegance and luxury, making it a sound investment if you aim to sell your home in the future. Kitchens are one of the most expensive renovations in any home, so having a Sub-Zero refrigerator already installed in your home can really be a deciding factor for potential buyers.  

Extra Bells & Whistles 

  • Extra-Durable Lexan Plastic Compartments – Sub-Zero incorporates another high performance, space-worthy material into their design with Lexan plastic. Lexan plastic is used in space helmets and bullet-resistant windows. While you probably wonโ€™t have a shoot-out in your refrigerator any time soon, it is noteworthy simply because it is emblematic of Sub-Zeroโ€™s continued efforts to elevate their refrigerators and deliver the very best product. 
  • Nanotechnology Shelving – This feature is for the klutz or kid in the family. Sub-Zero shelving is coated with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology forces liquid spills to congeal and not spread to the other parts of the refrigerator. So no more screaming over spilled milk, literally.  

Cost vs. Value of Sub-Zero Refrigerators 

There is no question that Sub-Zero refrigerators are a top tier product, and the price obviously reflects that. But where other products like clothes and electronics are overpriced just for the sport of capitalism, Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers are actually providing a high-quality product that is worth the wallet-busting price tag. 

When you tack on an industry leading 12-year warranty and consider every element is crafted from the very best materials, it is easy to see what all the fanfare is about. Sub-Zero is arguably the best refrigerator on the market. Consider Sub-Zero an investment and a lifestyle upgrade. 

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