Sub-Zero 500 and 600 series refrigerators have been serving homeowners for many years. As great as they are (some are still running quite well), there are more energy-efficient models available today. Newer refrigerators are quieter thanks to upgraded compressors. Some even include air purifiers that filter odors, bacteria, and mold to keep food fresher.


The most current models also include more precise temperature controls. Internal temperature can be set in single-degree intervals. Dual compressors help prevent freezer burn, while other modern conveniences include LED interior lights, interior water dispensers, and increased ice production. Door edges are welded and polished, providing a more streamlined look.

The Sub-Zero 500 series became available in 1987. Several years later, the 600 series was introduced in 1996. If you have one of these models, it has been running for 25+ years! Thatโ€™s good for a model that typically lasts about 20 years.

Should I Replace My Fridge Now or Wait?

Most people donโ€™t want to spend the money if their refrigerator is working. High-quality appliances are an investment, but fixing an old fridge when it breaks down can be just as costly. Another factor is the hassle of replacement, especially if the unit is built into your kitchen cabinets. Some remodeling may be required to replace it.

If your Sub-Zero 500 or 600 series fridge has these problems, it may be time to consider replacement:

  • Higher energy bills: You havenโ€™t used more power, but the utility bill is going up. It could be due to an inefficient refrigerator, so a newer, more energy-efficient model (ENERGY STAR rated), can resolve this.
  • Spoiled food: If the milk becomes sour or meat smells before its expiration date, your refrigerator may not be maintaining a proper temperature. It may also be using more energy at the same time.
  • Noise: A refrigerator that buzzes loudly has serious mechanical issues that will soon lead to complete failure. Remove and insert the plug to see if the noise remains. If so, the motor is likely failing, while if the fridge is too quiet, the compressor has probably failed.
  • Condensation: If you see moisture inside or outside the fridge, there may be a cooling issue. You may even see mold or mildew around the door seals. A failure to maintain the proper temperature means your food will spoil before it should.
  • The freezer is coated in ice: Freezers should not be iced over. If your fridge doesnโ€™t do it automatically, then manually defrost the freezer; if the problem continues, youโ€™ll benefit by replacing your refrigerator sooner rather than later.
  • The refrigerator feels hot in the back: The motor is located in the rear, so excessive heat means something is wrong, especially since refrigerator coils are insulated. Replacing the coils is an option, although not cost-effective for an older fridge.

Contact Wilshire Refrigeration for Assistance

As innovative as the Sub-Zero 500 and 600 models were at their time of release, theyโ€™re likely showing their age and donโ€™t have the features and efficiencies of the newest appliances. Consult with a Sub-Zero refrigerator professional for recommendations on replacement models for your 500 or 600 series units. Our factory-trained technicians can answer all your questions and meet all your installation needs.

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