Bring the terms luxury and dishwasher together and one name comes to mind—Cove. A Cove dishwasher delivers outstanding results every time, meaning your dishes will always be clean, spotless, and dry. Made of premium-grade materials, it can work with any dish. Multiple rounds of testing and development addressed consumers’ primary concerns including cleanliness, ease of loading, drying performance, and sound levels.

Wilshire Refrigeration is here whether you need help with Cove dishwasher installation or repair. We are factory certified to provide Cove dishwasher repair in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Each model features a near-perfect design and we’re committed to ensuring you get the most out of your experience, during use and when Cove repair is necessary.

We offer two premium-quality, panel-ready Cove dishwashers—the DW2450 and DW2450WS (which comes with a water softener). Both have 43 jets, three spray arms, and a four-stage water filtration system. No prewashing is needed and the dirtiest of dishes get clean. Multiple water jets on each arm increase water distribution by 20%, while the crease-free stainless-steel interior helps repel dirt.

But these aren’t the only advantages of a Cove dishwasher. Here are some key reasons and selling points to consider Cove for your next dishwasher installation:

  • Customizable Front Paneling – A stainless-steel panel that perfectly matches the appliance is sold separately. However, Cove dishwashers also accept custom panels. The panel-ready design enables you to purchase a dishwasher and hardware to match other appliances (including those from Sub-Zero and Wolf) as well as kitchen cabinetry. In addition, a flexible design allows for custom interior configurations and custom handles.
  • Easy Wash Selection – An LCD built into the stainless-steel control panel provides a user-friendly way to select normal cycles and “special use” cycles (more on these soon). Instructions are displayed on the interface. You’ll even be guided on how to proceed with the operations you want to use. Engineers have simplified the layout with an easy to navigate “Options” menu. This allows access to all the appliance’s features without dealing with a cluttered control panel.
  • Special Cycle Selections – The most frequently used wash cycles are pre-programmed so you can easily run them. These include Auto Wash, Normal Wash, Heavy Wash, and Quick Wash. But by using the “Cycle+” button, you can access additional “special use” cycles. These operating modes expand the range of capabilities of your dishwasher. You can select from Pots & Pans, Soak & Scrub, Light Wash, China/Crystal Wash, Rinse & Hold, Plastics Wash, Energy Conservation Wash, and Extra Quiet Wash.
  • Auto Wash Cycles – An “Auto Wash” program uses sensors that distinguish soiled from clean water that enters the drain during the rinse cycle. This information enables the dishwasher to automatically adjust wash time and temperature based on the cleanliness of its contents. The program lasts from 2 hours and 5 minutes to 3 hours and 55 minutes. It helps conserve water and electricity as well as time, as the unit won’t run longer cycles for cleaner plates. A single wash/dry cycle uses from 3.7 to 7.2 gallons of water.

But these aren’t all the cycle options Cove has to offer. Another is Delay Start, in which you can delay a wash cycle (in 1-hour increments) by up to 12 hours. Others include High Temperature Wash, Sani Rinse (for higher water temperatures and longer rinse times), Extended Dry (dry time is 30 minutes longer), Extra Dry (increases rinse water temperature as well), and Top Racks Only.

  • Loading Flexibility – There are three distinct wash racks in a Cove dishwasher. Flatware and cooking utensils are accommodated by a top rack. It is removable if you don’t want to load silverware on top or need more room for larger and taller items. A common challenge of dishwasher loading is nesting, or when plates/bowls are too close together to be washed and dried effectively. Adjustable tines eliminate this problem by creating gaps between different sized items.
  • Drying Quality – A series of fans draws condensation out of the appliance. Unlike other dishwashers, Cove models don’t use a heater coil, which can melt plastic items and cause a fire. Water temperature also automatically increases near the end of the cycle, heating interior walls and the contents of the dishwasher. Together, air motion generated by the fans and residual heat helps dry the dishes, while the angle of the middle rack channels condensation away from the middle section. You therefore have fresh dishes and a dry, clean dishwasher.
  • Minimal Noise Levels – Cove dishwashers operate nearly silently despite their power and comparability to standard dishwasher sizes. Plus, they have an “Extra Quiet” cleaning mode. The appliances are engineered to run at sound levels below 42 decibels. This is quieter than most birds! Except for the red LED on the bottom right of the door, you might not know your dishwasher is running!

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