Refrigerators usually provide years of trouble-free performance. You might not think about buying a new fridge for a decade or more. But like every appliance, your refrigerator will eventually reach the end of its life. Whether to invest in additional repairs or a newer, energy-efficient fridge depends on several factors. If you notice the following, itโ€™s time for a replacement.


A Failing Fridge Is Over 10 Years Old

Itโ€™s not uncommon for a fridge to last 20 years. However, if your refrigerator constantly needs repairs and youโ€™ve had it for over 10 years, the cost of fixing it may exceed the price of a new appliance. After all, if your old fridge is constantly breaking down, it could shut down for good at any time.

Food Items Spoil Ahead of Their Expiration Date

If meat smells foul, the milk is sour, and cheese gets moldy and hasnโ€™t yet reached its expiration date, your refrigerator may be bad. It may not be using the power needed to keep the temperature adequately and consistently cold. To top it off, your refrigerator may be expending more energy to maintain the temperature itโ€™s supposed to.

The Energy Bills Are Going Up

Have you been using the same amount of power, but utility bills are higher? An inefficient, or failing, appliance may be the cause. You can reverse this issue by purchasing a newer, more energy-efficient fridge. Energy Star appliances come in many different models; plus, youโ€™ll also save on replacing spoiled food. The most efficient fridges are manual how to legit buy valium on amazon defrost units and those with freezers on top.

The Fridge Is Sweating

A faulty fridge can develop condensation on the inside and outside. Moisture can mean the unit isnโ€™t cooling properly. Signs of a problem include water droplets, mold, or mildew around the door seals or condensation inside the fridge. Condensation usually means the refrigerator isnโ€™t maintaining the proper temperature setting, which can also cause your food to spoil before its expiration date.

The Back of the Refrigerator Is Hot

The rear of the unit, where the motor is located, is often warmer than other areas. If itโ€™s excessively hot back there, something is not right. Refrigerator coils are designed with insulation, so excess heat indicates a problem. In some cases, the coils can be replaced, unless your fridge is so old itโ€™s more cost-effective to replace it.

The Freezer Is Completely Frozen

Freezers are designed to keep foods frozen, but they should not be coated in ice on the inside. If you notice this, you can try defrosting the freezer if there isnโ€™t an automatic defrost function. But if you continue to experience an ice-box freezer, replacing the refrigerator may be the best option no matter what its age is.

The Fridge Is Noisy

A normally operating refrigerator shouldnโ€™t give off more than a gentle hum. If it starts buzzing loudly, a motor problem may be the culprit. Try unplugging the unit and reinserting the plug into the socket; if the noise continues, the appliance is likely going to continue to fail. On the other hand, too silent a fridge with warm food can mean the compressor has failed.

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