Dryers are designed to do their job by spinning. If you find your dryer does not spin, this is a common problem. A lack of power may be the cause. Check that the unit is plugged in and the circuit breakers serving it are in the “On” position. There’s also a door switch that allows the dryer to start. While a bent peg or failed switch can stop the dryer’s drum from spinning, there are various other possible causes. These include:

  • Broken Belt: The drive belt allows the drum to spin via a tension pulley, but it can wear out and eventually break. The drum then can’t turn. If the dryer isn’t spinning, try to turn the drum by hand; if it moves with little effort, the belt is probably broken. For a closer look, unplug the appliance and remove the lid to inspect the belt.
  • Drum Roller Problem: In most dryers, the drum is supported by two rollers (some have more). The rollers must spin freely for the drum to move. Otherwise, the motor can overload, stopping the dryer. If the drum won’t budge manually, the rollers may be worn. You can see them at the base of the barrel on what looks like small axles; your dryer may also sound squeaky if there’s a roller issue.
  • Bad Drum Roller Axle: Drum roller axles allow the drum to spin freely. When they’re worn, you may notice the drum rollers wobbling when inspecting the dryer. The axles can be replaced to stabilize the roller and get your dryer working again.
  • Worn Drum Glide: This plastic component helps reduce friction inside the dryer. Over time, the drum glide can wear down and get stuck, as the drum won’t slide evenly on it. This will strain the motor and prevent the unit from spinning.
  • Failed Motor: A motor turns the drum and a blower wheel. You might have to replace the motor if it is humming and/or the drum does not rotate freely by hand once the belt is removed. Also, check for obstructions near the blower wheel, which is designed to exhaust air from the dryer.
  • Worn Drum Bearing: Supporting the rear of the drum, the bearing can wear out and strain the motor. The dryer may stop mid-cycle or not turn from the start. If the drum makes squealing or grinding sounds when you move it by hand and/or is difficult to turn, the bearing should be replaced.
  • Faulty Dryness Control Board: When your clothes are dry, the control board shuts the dryer off. A defective board can cut your dryer off too soon. This is a less common problem than others, so check other parts to see whether they’re working correctly.
  • Damaged Idler Pulley: The pulley, which controls the drum drive belt, can get stuck, wear out, or become damaged. It should spin freely; if not, replace it along with the drive belt to restore the function of your dryer.
  • Stuck Blower Wheel: An object or debris can get stuck in the blower wheel, stopping it from moving, which also seizes the motor. The problem requires some troubleshooting, as there are many reasons for motor failure. You’ll likely need to replace the motor if it fails.

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