Your oven can trip a circuit breaker for many reasons. When you reset the breaker, and the same problem happens again, you must assume something is not right. Electric power may be exceeding system capacity or wires are becoming overheated. If you’re at a loss, here is why your oven might cause a power trip in your home.

The Oven Isn’t Used Very Often

An infrequently used oven might trip when it’s set to a high temperature. Here’s why—moisture can form on the heating elements and at the small gap between the heating element and its holder, increasing conductance of the white powder inside the part. This causes the oven to trip when you turn it on.

Short Circuit in the Appliance

If live current flows directly to the neutral terminal of a circuit, you have a short. A short circuit may be caused by a faulty component, such as a heating element that has shattered, or a light bulb that’s blown and its internal wiring has fused. The function selector switch, connected to a wire distribution module, may be the source of the problem. Loose, dislodged wires that touch the neutral terminal can trigger a short and cause sparks and popping sounds.

A Circuit Problem

An overloaded circuit can occur if multiple appliances are connected to it, especially if an electric oven is one of them. Unplug the other appliances. The oven should not trip when turned on. You can increase circuit capacity or switch other appliances to a different circuit. If the problem continues, call an electrician who can test the current power load or inspect the wiring.

Power Plug/Wiring Problems

An electrical technician can check the plug and wiring when the power is off. Damage to oven wiring is likely if a current meter reads greater than 0.3A. The technician can also inspect the plug and wiring for damage, or if there is soot or other buildup. Older terminal blocks may need to be replaced, as they’re prone to deterioration over time.

Ground Fault

Similar to a short circuit, a ground fault occurs when the hot wire contacts something made of metal. The problem originates outside the wire. Therefore, a technician will have to inspect components surrounding it to determine how to solve your oven trip problem.

Faulty Parts in the Oven

A faulty selector switch, fan, or thermostat can cause an oven trip. Even the thermostat’s control unit or fan motor can cause a trip if not working properly. Sometimes you can use a process of elimination by turning on certain functions, and seeing if the oven trips only when these are used—thereby isolating the source of the problem.

Foreign Objects or Pests

If there’s an object that shouldn’t be in the oven, or pests such as cockroaches interfere with circuits, they can cause a short. Insect infestations can happen if you don’t use the oven much. They may even lay eggs in places where it interferes with electrical components.

Call Wilshire Refrigeration for Help

If you’re not sure why your oven keeps tripping the electric, contact Wilshire Refrigeration and our factory-trained technicians can service your appliance and provide high-quality repairs. Replacement parts are stocked on our trucks. We can, therefore, complete repairs in a single visit or obtain a part quickly if it is not immediately available. When your oven trips, call 800-427-3653 or submit a request for service on our website.