When you need a major appliance such as a refrigerator repaired, it’s crucial to find the right appliance repair service. It takes a lot of training to reliably fix a household appliance. That’s why you need to work with a factory-certified appliance repair company that specializes in Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances. A factory-certified technician has the training and expertise needed to ensure high quality of service, but not many people understand the value of this qualification. Here is some more information to help you learn about the benefits of factory certification.

Why Is Factory Certification Important for Appliance Repair?

Appliance technicians who are factory certified receive ongoing training. Whether provided online, at a school, or the manufacturer’s factory, this training is provided routinely as product features are updated or there are new advances in specific appliances and brands. More specialized knowledge and expertise is even more important for high-end, luxury appliances. Sub-Zero refrigerators; Wolf ranges, stovetops, and ovens; and ASKO washers and dishwashers fall into this category.

Hiring a non-certified technician risks dealing with inadequate repairs. Inferior workmanship can lead to spending more on additional repairs or having damage that requires replacing the unit where can i buy ativan online altogether. For the best results, work with an appliance technician who’s familiar with your brand of appliance and that you can trust.

What a Factory-Certified Appliance Repair Service Offers

An appliance company that offers factory-authorized service isn’t only carrying the appliance’s brand name and logo. Being factory certified allows the service provider to offer customers a wider range of benefits. With this level of service, you benefit from:

  • Expertise: Technicians have up-to-date knowledge on the latest technologies and diagnostic, repair, and maintenance techniques. They also have real-world experience with using test equipment. If there are any known product issues or recalls, each trained technician will know about them and provide the appropriate solutions.
  • Original parts: Trained personnel have manufacturer-supplied parts in their inventory and provide consumers with access to these authentic/genuine components. There’s usually no need to wait for parts to arrive. They’ve also been tested for reliability, and the technician can contact the manufacturer directly if they run into any issues.
  • Warranty: Did you know that using a non-authorized technician can invalidate your warranty? A factory-certified technician not only helps comply with the terms of your warranty; they are also familiar with all the details in it and repairs that are covered. A certified contractor can provide repairs or other services on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • Competitive rates: If you’re looking for an affordable appliance repair service, a factory-certified company typically offers the most competitive rates for the quality of service you receive.
  • Peace of mind: Factory certification also protects the consumer in other ways, from evaluations of service history and customer experiences to criminal background checks of employees, to insurance liability coverage and regulatory compliance. These and other details may need to be verified to the manufacturer on a routine basis.

Contact Wilshire Refrigeration for Factory-Certified Service

Wilshire Refrigeration is trusted for factory-certified Sub-Zero repair and is also qualified to service Wolf and ASKO appliances. If your Sub-Zero refrigerator needs repairs or maintenance, our factory-certified technicians can help. Our service team also works with leading-brand ovens, ranges, stovetops, and washers. We are providing service in Los Angeles and all of Southern California, as well as Las Vegas, during the coronavirus pandemic, while following all CDC social distancing and sanitizing guidelines. Contact us at 800-427-3653 today to schedule no contact service.