There are few things in the world more satisfying than a prompt refrigerator repair. Proper maintenance can add years of life to your appliance. On the flip side, needing to replace a fridge averages at $2,000 or more with high-end models approaching $10,000. When it comes to being penny-wise AND dollar smart, it’s important to know when your fridge needs a repair. We’ve compiled a list of seven common failing fridge symptoms that should be red flags to call a repair technician ASAP.

7 Signs You Need Refrigerator Repair

1. Loud Noises

If your fridge is making scraping, grinding, or knocking sounds, this can mean the condenser or evaporator fan is obstructed. A clicking, vibrating, or buzzing sound is an indication of an icemaker problem, while rattling can mean the unit is too close to another surface, is not level, or has a loose drain pan. If a humming or buzzing sound gets louder and louder, the compressor could be failing. Such can be the case if you hear no noise at all.

2. Food Spoils Too Fast

If you’re finding produce to be spoiling much sooner than it should, or notice a beverage is taking more time to get cold; the appliance is likely having trouble maintaining the proper temperature. Improper temperature usually corresponds to increased energy consumption. As a result, you’re probably wasting more money on replacing food while paying higher energy bills.

3. The Freezer Is Iced Over

The freezer compartment should always be below freezing, but it’s not normal for everything in it to be coated in ice. You can try defrosting the freezer, but if the problem repeats itself, there’s likely a temperature control problem that needs to be addressed. Call a repair technician if you’ve unfrozen everything and notice the ice again a few days later.

4. The Fridge Is Leaking

If you notice water on the floor near the appliance or after moving it to clean underneath, contact you local repair contractor immediately. Another sign of a leak is ice buildup on the side or back of the unit. These issues can lead to water damage. Refrigerator leaks often go unnoticed, so check around and under it once or twice a year.

5. Condensation Builds Up Inside Your Fridge

A small amount of condensation is no reason to panic. But if there is a lot, the refrigerator may not be cooling properly. There could be a mechanical issue as well. Sometimes, the rubber seal has worn, allowing cold air to seep out. A professional installer is needed to ensure the seal is properly replaced.

6. The Back of the Fridge Feels Hot

The rear of the unit is usually warmer, because that’s where the motor is, but if there’s excessive heat, something is wrong. Refrigerator coils are insulated to avoid heat emission, so feeling heat means that the coils should be inspected by a technician. If your refrigerator is otherwise in good condition, the coils or motor can be replaced.

7. The Motor Is Always Running

Refrigerator motors go on and off as the temperature needs to be regulated. Unless you open and close the door frequently, the motor should not always be on. Running constantly at max speed can burn it out and disable your fridge. It’s therefore important to call a professional to listen to and inspect it.

Need a Refrigerator Repair? Call Wilshire Refrigeration

Noticing one or more of the above signs is more than a good reason to contact us. Our technicians are factory trained to repair Sub-Zero refrigerators and meet our highest standards of excellence. Diligence, respect, and continuing education courses ensure they are knowledgeable in the latest equipment and repair methods and that your appliance and home will be protected. Fully stocked trucks allow same-day service, so we can fix your fridge in a short time. To request service, contact us on the web or call 800-427-3653.