Most Sub-Zero refrigerators are 84 inches high, while most standard refrigerators are 62 to 72 inches high. Side-by-side and French door fridges tend to be taller and wider. These will fit well with larger kitchens, but in a smaller kitchen, even a standard fridge might not fit or can easily overwhelm the space. In this case, a shorter fridge provides a blend of the right fit and proper refrigeration.

Low Profile Refrigerators

People with smaller kitchens can invest in low-profile, or half-height, refrigerators. These typically have a height lower than 59 inches. You’ll find similar units in convenience stores for displaying cold food and chilled drinks. Shops, cafes, mini markets, food court kiosks, and other point-of-sale locations often use low-profile fridges. But even if you’re not in the field of merchandising, you can find smaller refrigerators to fit your kitchen.

Short Fridge Options for Your Home

Many brands offer shorter fridges, many with heights around 66” or 67”. However, a Sub-Zero compact wine cooler is 34 inches high, but in a dual configuration, it’s just 24 inches in height. If you’re going for an under-counter fridge, these stand at 30 inches, which is ideal if the vertical height in your kitchen is limited.

Just beware of the higher cost because fewer of these units are made. Thinner insulating materials are more costly as well but provide for as much interior space as possible (especially with counter-depth fridges). If you’re looking for a counter-depth refrigerator, it can make your kitchen look cleaner and more unique.

How Refrigerator Height Is Measured

Refrigerator height is measured from the floor to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets, including door hinges. This is to ensure the unit fits under any overhead cabinets or wall elements. You also need to add space to allow the fridge to ventilate. There should be at least ½” on all sides and at least 1” between the back of the unit and the wall. The doors and any drawers should have enough room to open without being blocked.

Also, consider the style of the refrigerator. Bottom freezer and top freezer units tend to be shorter than French door or side-by-side models (at around 65” to 69” if your kitchen can fit that). Some fridges have leveling legs that can be lowered by turning the slots with a flat blade screwdriver. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for positioning the unit and to make sure it is level.

Order Shorter Fridges from Sub-Zero

Undercounter refrigerators can be a perfect fit for a small kitchen. They fit seamlessly under the counter and with your kitchen furnishings and include the brand’s advanced temperature controls and other features. Even install separate refrigerator and freezer units to personalize your kitchen. There are many options to choose from if you have limited space, and that gives you the same functionality that Sub-Zero is known for.

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