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In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty Service for Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Cove Appliances

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Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance is factory authorized to service appliances with the respected Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Cove names. Dedicated to high-quality repair services for In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty appliances in Santa Monica, our technicians receive ongoing factory training. Each is trained on the latest product innovations and equipped with factory specified replacement parts and test equipment to provide the most thorough and efficient service possible.

Our team is built on four decades of experience providing troubleshooting, installation, and appliance repair in Santa Monica.

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    Fast, Same-Day Service

    We are proud to serve the beachfront community of Santa Monica, from Ocean Park to Wilshire Montana, to Mid-City. Our technicians are dispatched to your area in trucks stocked with a wide variety of replacement parts. If a part is not available, we can obtain it quickly. Usually, a second visit is not necessary.

    Our technicians are also committed to working around your busy schedule. Customer Service Representatives keep tabs on all appointments, and will call you with a reminder the afternoon before a scheduled visit. Uniformed service technicians wear ID cards so you can easily identify them. Your appliance, property, and family are respected at all times, down to floor mats that protect your flooring from heavy appliances and tools.

    Santa Monica Wolf Appliance Repair

    Wolf appliances are highly durable and can stand the test of time. Repairs will keep them running optimally and avoid spending to replace expensive appliances. Call on Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance for Wolf repair in Santa Monica if you require any of the following services:

    • Range Repair: If you have a gas range and your burners aren’t working, you might need new spark ignitors. For induction/electric ranges, we’ll replace the surface element to get it working again. Failed electronic control boards can be replaced as well. When your range isn’t working properly or reading an error message, our repair professionals can get to the root of the problem and fix it.

    • Microwave Repair: Has your microwave stopped heating? Perhaps it needs a new magnetron that has burnt out. Other repairs include replacing burnt capacitors, faulty diodes, failed transformers, and defective door switches. If the unit abruptly stops, it might need a new switch or fan motor. Problems with light bulbs, spinning plates, and control panels can occur as well.

    • Oven Repair: Gas oven igniters can prevent your Wolf oven from heating properly. These heating elements can wear out as they can with an electric oven. If it’s not reaching the correct temperature, you might have a faulty temperature sensor. Uneven cooking is another issue our technicians can address so your oven works as it was originally designed to.

    • Range Hood Repair: Is your range hood motor louder than normal or making a humming sound? Has the light burnt out or is the unit not responding when you press buttons? Professional technicians are on hand to assess the problem. If your range hood is not clearing smoke in the room, problems with the motor, air filter, or duct work can be fixed.

    • Outdoor Grill Repair: Broken igniters and burners can disable your grill and ruin an afternoon barbecue. Instead of replacing your grill, have it repaired. Call us immediately if you smell gas; there may be a problem with the gas line connections. Our technicians can repair any Wolf grill, burner module, or side burner.

    • Countertop Appliance Repair: Toasters, juicers, blenders, and other countertop appliances receive heavy use and are susceptible to wear and tear. When an appliance malfunctions, you realize how much you depend on these modern amenities. Seemingly major problems can be repaired rather than investing in a new countertop appliance.

    Santa Monica Sub Zero Appliance Repair

    At Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance, our technicians specialize in Sub-Zero repair in Santa Monica. A refrigerator is a major investment and precise repairs can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. You can preserve the motor by keeping the door closed as much as possible, but refrigerator motors do wear out. The motor might be failing if your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly. If it is not cooling, the thermostat, vents, or coils may be defective, which a repair technician can easily fix. Thermostat, thermistor, and control board problems may cause items to freeze, but replacing these parts can restore performance.

    Your freezer should keep things frozen, but mechanical problems and age may cause it to be too cold. Frost buildup is a sign you need appliance repair in Santa Monica. You might need a new defrost sensor; call for a technician if you hear sizzling or gurgling sounds while the appliance is defrosting, or there are whirring or swishing sounds from the fan. If the freezer is leaking, the water line connections or shutoff valve might need to be replaced. When your freezer isn’t running, repairs to the electronic controls may be necessary. If it’s running too warm, the defrost thermostat may be the culprit.

    Santa Monica Cove Appliance Repair

    Dishwashers are hard-working appliances and with Cove appliances, you can expect years of flawless performance. However, problems can and do occur. Consult with our technicians if your dishwasher is not draining, the dishes aren’t drying, there are spots or white film on glassware, food and crumbs remain on dishes, or the dishwasher runs for too long. Our technicians can fix any dishwasher problem. Call now if your appliance doesn’t start or is slow to start running. From replacing filters to repairing and replacing motors, disposals, drain plugs, door gaskets, and any other faulty component, they’re prepared to help your kitchen run smoothly again.

    Santa Monica Asko Appliance Repair

    The high quality, environmentally friendly appliances ASKO is known for are built to conserve water and energy. And extensive design and testing process ensures each product can last many years. But when something does go wrong, Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance is here to figure out exactly what is happening and correct the problem, so you get the most out of your investment. Our technicians specialize in:

    • Dishwasher Repair: ASKO’s high-capacity dishwashers feature a Super Cleaning System that does not require pre-rinsing, and a Turbo Drying system that completely removes condensation. If for some reason a fan problem arises, our team can fix it. Also call a technician if your dishes come out dirty or the dishwasher leaks, smells bad, or won’t start.

    • Laundry Washer Repair: ASKO’s Active Drum™ system makes sure your laundry gets clean while being gentle on all materials. When your washer starts to vibrate or make odd sounds, the seal or tub bearings may need to be professionally replaced. Bad lid switches can stop your machine in mid-cycle, or a faulty drain pump may prevent water from draining.

    • Dryer Repair: If your clothes are taking longer to dry, your dryer may require a new vent exhaust pipe. Also call our team if the dryer is noisy or vibrating, fails to heat up, doesn’t run, or shuts off soon after being started. Faulty seals, thermal fuses, heating elements, and thermostats are no problem for our technicians, who can quickly find and replace malfunctioning components.

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    Wilshire Refrigeration & Appliance has been fixing Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances for over four decades. We help customers properly care for their appliances to boost performance and extend their operating life. To schedule an appointment for a factory-certified technician to service your refrigerator, freezer, oven, range, or dishwasher, call 800-427-3653 or request service here on our website today.