Your daily routine likely limits the time you have for domestic activities. Fortunately, smart appliances from Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove can now be easily managed from your smartphone. Smart technology lets you receive notifications and alerts to, for example, help prevent food spoilage and change water filters or air purification cartridges when necessary.


3 Reasons to Use These Smart Appliances

Wi-Fi-enabled appliances are beneficial because of their:

  • Performance: Status updates, alerts, and reminders help you keep appliances running at peak performance. Youโ€™re reminded of scheduled or recommended maintenance. Technicians in our customer care team can diagnose problems and find solutions without visiting your home.
  • Convenience: Tedious routine tasks are streamlined with remote controls equipped to accept voice commands. Receive important notifications and save time with automatic filter and detergent replacements. Your appliances are linked to a complete home automation system.
  • In-App Resources: Choose from a variety of operating modes to increase performance or to adjust appliances while youโ€™re on vacation. Even use the mobile app to get cleaning/maintenance tips and access information in use and care manuals.

How It Works

These apps have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure you get the most from:

  • Sub-Zero: With Sub-Zero refrigerators, you can monitor and adjust temperature, adjust the operating mode, adjust ice production, and receive reminders about maintenance and alerts on, for example, when the temperature is outside preset limits.
  • Wolf: The app lets you remotely preheat your oven and control the temperature level, cooking mode, and timer. You can also track performance and receive important notifications about how your appliance is working.
  • Cove: Remotely start your washer and monitor the entire wash cycle whenever you want. You can even track detergent and rinse aid levels on your smartphone. Remote monitoring, therefore, enables more thorough and consistent cleaning.

How to Start

  • Download App

The Sub-Zero Group Ownerโ€™s App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. If you have trouble updating the app to the latest version, delete the old version and install the latest one.

  • Create Login

Once the app is open, create your account or log in. Turn on your phoneโ€™s Bluetooth from its settings and make sure itโ€™s within a few feet of the appliance. For Cove appliances, turn on the Connected feature by pressing Cancel twice and Options for 10 seconds until the Connect option appears; press “enter” to turn the connection on.

  • Add the Appliance

An appliance is added by tapping โ€œAdd an Applianceโ€ or the plus (+) symbol on the top right. The appliance name should appear. When it does, tap the plus (+) next to it. Youโ€™ll need to choose which one to pair if identical appliances appear. Follow the Sub-Zero Group Ownerโ€™s app instructions if you donโ€™t see the appliance.

  • Connect

Following the on-screen instructions, open the appliance door to identify which one to pair, and then turn on notifications from the app screen. It will then instruct you to pair it via Bluetooth. Find the appliance PIN inside the door or on the control panel. Next, youโ€™ll need to:

  • Choose a home network
  • Select a time zone
  • Register the product

An unlimited number of appliances can be connected to the app, including products from multiple homes. To pair each one, youโ€™ll need to be in front of it. Note: Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances are fully functional whether connected to the internet or not.

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