A functional kitchen is one with an oven that meets your needs. Depending on your cooking habits and the size of your household, you may prefer a single oven, which is more like a conventional oven, or a double built-in oven. Here’s a look at what single or double ovens have to offer to help you make an informed decision.

What Is the Difference?

Double ovens offer benefits at a cost, so you may want to weigh the pros and cons to decide if one would be right for you. There are a few key differences between double and single ovens. We will break down a few of them below


Featuring two vertically stacked or side-by-side ovens, a double unit provides the following benefits:

  • More Cooking Capacity: A double Wolf range or wall oven adds cooking space so you can produce more food at once, which is great for larger families. Some options include a 48” or 60” range with two ovens, a 30” or 36” freestanding/slide-in range and a single wall oven nearby or, if you don’t have room for a single double built-in oven, you can install two single built-in units under a counter. But it is quite buy ativan usa popular to install a combo double oven where possible.
  • Less Cooking Time: You can cook different dishes at once. When cooking for the family or entertaining guests, this means less time to put together meals. Each oven can be set to a different temperature. Odors and tastes won’t mix when you cook multiple dishes simultaneously.
  • More Features: Most double ovens have a moisture function that adds steam while cooking, so food can retain moisture. You won’t typically find this in a conventional oven. Other features you might find include better convection heating, touchscreen controls, halogen lights, and triple-paned glass door windows.
  • Better Self-Cleaning Options: A self-cleaning function heats the oven to reduce spilled food to ashes, making it easier to remove. Cleaning a conventional model is usually done at lower temperatures using water and some heat. This requires more manual work compared to the simpler method offered by a double model.


Depending on your kitchen, a single oven may be enough. Here is how a single configuration compares with a double unit:

  • Cheaper: Double ovens cost considerably more than single models. While a conventional unit may cost a few hundred dollars, double models can cost several thousand, so it’s important to weigh the expense vs. the benefits.
  • Bottom Oven Isn’t as Large as Single: The bottom oven is usually a bit smaller than a single oven, so you might not get as much space as you would think. However, a double oven range provides more cooking space overall.
  • Storage Space Below: One distinct advantage of a single conventional oven is there is a storage drawer where you can put large pots and pans. A double oven does not have this drawer built into its design.
  • Less Energy Used: Double ovens can be used simultaneously, but this uses more energy than cooking with a single oven alone. However, you can save some energy if you use a double model’s small oven for your everyday needs.

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